transforming home equity
into a global digital commodity

SEC/FINRA Compliant ERC-20 Token
Fully backed by a single uniform asset class
US Company with USD denominated assets
Appreciating store of value with low volatility
Mainstream use-case with enormous scale, today
Non-market correlated
Non-crypto correlated
Fungible and easily understood
homium is the digital future of home equity
homium's asset-backed token is built exclusively on shared equity in California owner-occupied single family homes.
Historical 30 yr. avg. annual compounded growth rate of 6.7%
$7.5 Trillion dollar market
Every homium token is minted contemporaneously with the funding of a shared appreciation note, with transaction details recorded to title and to the Ethereum blockchain.
homium is minted 1:1 with the value of encumbered shared appreciation in the home, creating a mirror of owner-occupied home equity which can be easily exchanged.

A True Use Case for Blockchain

Homium creates a new institutional asset class: investable owner-occupied home equity, one which could not exist before the emergence of blockchain.

By combining smart contracts on a public blockchain with a compliant legal structure, in an open business ecosystem for lenders and investors, homium has created a highly scalable machine which can digitize and store the collective value of home equity.

The assets which back the token are protected by US real estate laws, and held by an independent trust which uses all proceeds to retire outstanding homium with dollars, providing liquidity and appreciation without the need for a secondary market.

Safe & Secure

The minting and retirement of tokens is overseen by an independent, not-for-profit mutual benefit corporation or Trust with strict bylaws and a single mission to protect the integrity and security of the token and its eventual redemption.

If homium the business were to fail, the homium Trust would remain and continue to back every token in circulation.

Homium Mutual Benefit Trust
Controls and maintains the underwriting oracle which verifies the value of each home used to back homium
Approves and signs home equity loans which are the basis for each homium origination
Contemporaneously issues and sells new homium tokens as a Regulation D security to approved market-makers in order to fund each new loan
Receives cash (in USD) when notes mature
Uses all cash received from maturing assets to retire tokens, providing liquidity appreciation and price stability to token holders
How does
appreciation grow
the value of tokens
homium is retired when a home is sold, the loan is repaid, and the Trust uses the proceeds to purchase and retire outstanding tokens at the published rate of exchange.
We call this rate of exchange ‘ħ’

ħ only changes when loans are repaid and tokens are retired, by a rate proportional to the realized appreciation in the Trust’s portfolio over its basis. When home values appreciate, the ratio of qualified assets to outstanding coins increases.

The trust is bound by both immutable smart contracts and by law to buy and issue tokens at this new rate, from token holders on exchanges or through smart contracts, merchants who wish to settle homium purchases in dollars, and by funding new originations.

In this way, the liquidity available to token holders from the trust appreciates with the value of its assets and passes it on (and manages the currency supply) through token retirement.

ħ vs the other ABCs (asset-backed coins)
More than an analog for precious metals, paper securities, or other cryptocurrencies
built using an asset class with a 20 year average of 6%+ compounded growth
immensely scalable and uniform asset class that can’t be stolen
Decentralized asset custody with the best possible manager – a homeowner with minimum 20% equity
No commercial operating exposure
Marketing network of brokers and lenders currently active on the platform making loans
Real time auditability of AUM through three fold source of truth - title, public blockchain, and secured database
Liquidity and value are built-in, no secondary market or widespread adoption required (but welcome)

homium is currently an institution-only token. Approved market-makers have access to the minting process where they can buy tokens at ħ.
Our platform does not make a secondary market for the token. It simply enables its creation, and ensures its value, compliance and security.
Each token is created at the moment it is issued to a vetted and approved market-maker, in a token sale which complies with SEC Regulation D.
Tokens are delivered to an escrow smart contract that enforces securities regulations and transfer restrictions. Once the statutory holding period expires, it is openly sellable to anyone, anywhere.
Tokens can be delivered to a custodian or Ethereum address of the market-maker’s choice, or immutably assigned prior to the expiration of the holding period, allowing market makers to syndicate and distribute tokens the moment they become available for exchange.
The tokens themselves are issued in an ERC-20 compliant smart contract, making them instantly compatible with most exchanges and applications.
homium is live
and scaling

Homium is an open ecosystem that invites institutional investors, loan originators, and licensed closing agents to bridge the world of real estate and the blockchain.

The network can scale as quickly as new capital can satisfy demand for a revolutionary new lending product:

An interest-free, payment free home loan.


Can access their home equity without incurring new or higher payments, refinancing, or exposing themselves to rising interest rates


Can offer a payment-free home loan to re-fi customers, or a supplemental 2nd for clients purchasing a new home, growing their business without lowering standards.


Have a front seat to the minting of new homium, and can verify in real time that every token is backed by owner-occupied real estate in California


Earn fees from network participants while they bring their escrow businesses into the 21st century

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