transforming home equity
into a global digital commodity

an untapped asset class with long term historical appreciation
similar properties to a traditional commodity like gold but with the performance of California home price appreciation
mainstream use-case with enormous scale, today
easily underwritten and fully backed from inception
security & downside protection of debt with the upside of equity
no operational or commercial risk from asset or fund managers
a fungible and stable reserve asset for crypto portfolios
built with bank-level security as a compliant institutional bridge to digital assets and DeFi
invest in home equity appreciation at scale in an interoperable digital format
homium's tokenized security is built exclusively on shared equity in owner-occupied single family homes, beginning in California.
Historical 35 yr. avg. annual compounded growth rate of ~5.4% in California
$24+ Trillion dollar addressable market
Every homium token is minted contemporaneously with the funding of a shared appreciation note, and represents a fungible share of a pool of those notes. The beneficiary of all notes is a Delaware C-corp whose shares represent legal claim to all assets and proceeds and are certificated by the token on multiple distributed ledger protocols.
homium is minted 1:1 with the value of encumbered shared appreciation in the home, creating a mirror of owner-occupied home equity which can be easily exchanged. Tokens are issued at a price determined by the net asset value of the portfolio of notes, which are marked-to-market using publicly available home price indices.

Home Equity on the Blockchain

Homium offers homeowners a unique shared appreciation loan product with no monthly payments, securing home equity on title like debt so that it can be uniformly tokenized into a digital commodity for investors.

By combining smart contracts on a highly secured blockchain, intelligent valuation and origination protocols, and an open business ecosystem for traditional lenders and investors, homium has created a highly scalable machine which digitizes and stores the collective value of committed home equity.

This creates a stable source of value and returns in a digital token format that is nearly free to transfer, transparent to the note itself from the moment of inception, auditable in an instant, fungible and easy to underwrite, and interoperable with a new digital money supply.

Safe & Secure

The minting and retirement of tokens is managed by an independent, not-for-profit mutual benefit corporation or Trust with strict bylaws and a single mission to protect the integrity and security of the token and its eventual redemption.

If homium the business were to fail, the homium Trust would remain and continue to back every token in circulation.

Homium Mutual Benefit Trust
Controls and maintains the underwriting oracle which verifies the value of each home used to back homium
Stands as beneficiary to home equity loans which are the basis for each homium origination
Contemporaneously issues and sells new homium tokens as a Regulation D/S security to institutional investors in order to fund each new loan
Receives cash (in USD) when notes mature
Uses all cash received from maturing assets to retire tokens, providing liquidity appreciation and price stability to token holders
How do
tokens appreciate
in value
homium is retired whenever a loan is repaid, such as when a secured home is sold or refinanced. The Trust uses all loan proceeds to purchase and retire outstanding tokens in a quarterly tender offer at the published rate of exchange, which is equal to the trust's net asset value in USD.
We call this rate of exchange ‘ħ’

ħ changes with the value of the homes secured by notes in the Trust's portfolio. These changes are marked to market monthly using publicly available home indices and finalized with the realized gains of matured notes. ħ sets the ratio of tokens-to-dollars whenever new tokens are minted, or when outstanding tokens are redeemed for cash.

The trust is bound by both immutable smart contracts and by its bylaws to buy and issue tokens at this rate, from token holders on the Homium platform, at market exchanges, and by funding new originations.

The trust conducts quarterly tender offers using all of it's qualified cash proceeds to buy back tokens at ħ from all token holders pro rata. In this way, ħ represents the NAV of the homium asset class, which functions similar to an ETF.

homium has ESG impact
Single family homeownership is the foundation of middle-class financial security.
Stable housing and financial uplift leads to improved outcomes for everyone, especially working families with children.
Homeowners are seeing rising interest rates and a housing market that is unaffordable.
Lagging income vs. home prices create a “home financing gap” which locks middle class wealth behind burdensome payments.
Shared appreciation notes funded by Homium come with no monthly payments or interest.
Homeowners with money in their pockets improve their homes, invest in education and health, and pay down debt.
Homeowners in gentrifying areas can tap the growth in their home equity letting long time residents stay in the neighborhoods they built.
SANs will replace energy-upgrade targeted lending and achieve monthly savings immediately, not just after the debt is paid off.

Investors reserve and purchase homium directly, at the moment it is created from secured home equity.
The token is issued as a security, exempt from registration and administered by an SEC registered transfer agent.
Our trust company partner acts as cash custodian and payment agent for daily financing of home equity agreements.
Cash and title agents handle investor funds through loan closing and certify funding and recording of a deed of trust.
On issuance, tokens are delivered to a secure blockchain wallet, with transfer restrictions and compliance enforced with on-chain rulesets based on holder and counter-party.
Tokens are freely transferable and carry no restrictions beyond the minimum required by law - Homium is designed for DeFi.
Homium charges no asset management fees, no transfer fees, no success fees, it is easy to transact in, settles instantly with bank-grade security and instant auditability.
homium launches on avalanche in 2023

Homium is an open ecosystem that invites institutional investors, loan originators, and participating banks and fiduciaries to bridge home equity and the blockchain.

Our network partners and lending partners are ready to mint Homium for investors looking for exposure to home equity and the emerging digital asset ecosystem.

Homium will scale quickly as investors and lenders deploy capital toward this revolutionary new home finance product and asset class: digital home equity.


can tap their home equity without selling their home, incurring new payments, or exposing themselves to negative covenants or rising interest rates.


can offer a revolutionary new home equity product to their customers to help them refinance or purchase their dream home without additional monthly payments.


have the exclusive front seat to the minting of new homium tokens, as well as the redemption of tokens for cash when homium loans mature.


plug into the Homium ecosystem to provide digital asset custody, trading and exchange services and applications to bring this 21st century asset class to their clients.

What is homium?
The digital future of home equity, today.